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Wire Fox Terrier

Fox-terriers are born with about four times as much original sin in them as other dogs. – Jerome K. Jerome, Three Men in a Boat

Wire Fox Terrier puppies Canada

“Maggie”, “Mazda”, “Ron” and “Yardie”

The Wire Fox Terrier came from England and was developed during the 19th century. He is identical to the Smooth Fox Terrier in every way except his coat. In fact, Wire Fox Terriers resulted from a cross between the Smooth Fox Terrier, the Black and Tan Terrier, and various other rough and smooth coated terriers. 

The Wire Fox Terrier was bred to chase quarry into burrows and dens, called “going to ground”. This is the instinctive terrier behaviour. 

His popularity in North America increased after “The Thin Man” movies featured a Wire Fox Terrier named ‘Asta’.

This dog stands up to 15 inches (39 cm) tall at the shoulder. He has a dense, wiry coat over a shorter, softer undercoat. It is mostly white with markings in any colour except brindle, red, or liver. The terriers with white coats were less likely to be mistaken for the fox during crowded hunts, and were therefore more highly prized. The coat should be hand stripped to remove dead fur twice per year.

Photos displayed courtesy of Geri Mendes, Dragonfox, Nova Scotia

The Wire Fox Terrier has the feisty personality common to terriers. He is enthusiastic, lively, and energetic. An ideal children’s companion, he never refuses a chance to run, chase, or play. An entertaining family pet for the active household, the Wire Fox Terrier is affectionate, trustworthy, and eager to please.

Small pets such as cats may trigger his hunting instinct and being a terrier, he may try to dominate other dogs.

As with most terriers, he will stand his ground against other dogs, and will benefit from early training and socialization. He is intelligent and learns quickly but can be stubborn. He responds best to a loving but firm and consistent hand.

Alert, determined, and loyal, he also makes an excellent watchdog. This is an active dog who needs lots of off-leash exercise and so is happiest in a home with a large fenced yard.

Wire Fox Terrier Adult Canada

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