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Doberman thanks fireman

“Cinnamon” the Doberman Pinscher

Rescue a Dog

A photographer on the scene of a burning home in North Carolina from the Charlotte, NC newspaper, “The Observer,” took this photo.

Cinnamon, a pregnant Doberman Pinscher, “thanks” a fireman as he sat down to rest after the fire was out.

Some time later, she gave birth to 5 puppies.

Consider this:

Pawn_and_Cross_logoMany dogs do not remain with their original owners either because of a genuine life-altering circumstance or because the owners weren’t prepared for the responsibility of dog ownership.

Perhaps they didn’t have the time they thought they would, or perhaps they didn’t provide the training and didn’t want to live with the results.

Perhaps they simply didn’t do their homework about the characteristics and behaviour of a particular breed.

Whatever the reason, 35% of dogs were surrendered by their owners to humane societies and SPCAs across Canada in 2018 according to Humane Canada’s survey of 172 humane society shelters and SPCAs. Note that only 55% of  these organizations responded to the survey.

In addition, 40% of dogs taken in by humane societies across Canada in 2018 were strays.

Consider this:

Pawn_and_Cross_logoThese unwanted dogs and those who have been victims of neglect are considered rescues.

Sadly, there are often rescue dogs available for placement in loving homes. If you’re ready for dog ownership, but hesitate because you’re not sure if a puppy is right for you, consider a rescue.

Rescue listings are provided FREE of charge!

Consider this:

Pawn_and_Cross_logoAlthough millions of dogs in North America find their way into the shelter system each year, in Canada it is estimated that over 100,000 cats and dogs end up in animal shelters across the country. Only 27% of dogs were reunited with their owners in 2018.

Only 47% of dogs in shelters are adopted.

Sadly, 11% of dogs that end up in shelters are euthanized and 2% of those where healthy animals that couldn’t find a new home.

Remember, these figures only represent dogs taken in by humane societies and SPCA organizations. The actual numbers are far larger when you consider breed specific and other rescue organizations, private shelters, foster groups, and municipal animal shelters all of whom take in unwanted animals every year.