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The photographer William Wegman uses his Weimaraners in many of his photographs. His dogs are often dressed in human clothes. His photos are the subject of many books and have appeared in contemporary art galleries across North America.


I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive. – Gilda Radner

Weimaraner puppies Canada

Puppies from ALMAMATER Reg’d Weimaraners

Bred to be an all purpose gun dog for the aristocracy, the “silver ghost” or Weimaraner was developed in Germany by Grand Duke Karl August of Weimar.

Originally a big game hunter of deer, wild boar, and bear, he now uses his remarkable sense of smell to hunt smaller game and birds. Sometimes called the “Weimar Pointer”, he is an all purpose hunting dog who works equally well with fur or feathered quarry.

The first Weimaraners arrived in North America in the 1930s and earned a reputation as “the dog with the human brain”.

Photos displayed courtesy of Gisela Tundis, ALMAMATER Reg’d, Ontario

This sleek, aristocratic, and graceful dog stands up to 27 inches (69 cm) high at the shoulder.

There are two coat types. The short hair variety has a short, smooth, sleek coat that requires minimal grooming. The long hair variety has a smooth, 1 to 2 inch (3-5 cm) long coat with moderate feathering on the legs, chest, and underside. Both coat types come in shades of mouse grey to silver grey. His eyes are blue-grey, grey, or light amber.

The Weimaraner is confident, assertive, and dominant. A devoted member of the family, the Weimaraner is alert, responsive, loyal, and protective. A very people-oriented breed, he is nevertheless reserved with strangers and makes a fearless watch and guard dog.

This dog needs to be an integral part of the family. He does not kennel well and should not be left alone for long periods of time. Destructive behaviour and excessive barking can be the result. 

Weimaraner Adult Canada

ALMAMATER Reg’d Weimaraners

Weimaraner puppies Canada

ALMAMATER Reg’d Weimaraners

The Weimaraner is a powerful, boisterous dog, who is tireless and has the stamina to stay on the hunt for hours at a time. His energy is boundless and requires a good outlet! This dog needs plenty of outdoor exercise including a good run as well as long, brisk walks. A Weimaraner appreciates games and play. He does best with an owner who is active and enjoys vigorous outdoor activities.  

Easily trainable, he nevertheless needs a firm, no-nonsense owner who will put in the time to train and socialize him. Obedience training should begin early.

Weimaraners are well-rounded hunting dogs that excel at hunting, tracking, pointing and retrieving both on land and in the water. Prized for their physical endurance and stamina, they have a strong, instinctive prey-drive. This may be a problem with cats in the household as they tend to follow the urge to hunt and are quite capable of chasing and killing small animals that wander into their territory. A Weimaraner requires appropriate training to learn how to be calm and control its behavior.

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