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Toy Fox Terrier

If I have any beliefs about immortality, it is that certain dogs I have known will go to heaven, and very, very few persons. – James Thurber

Toy Fox Terrier puppy Canada

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The Toy Fox Terrier is a direct descendant of the Smooth Fox Terrier. Some breeders can trace their lines back to the first Smooth Fox Terrier registered in Great Britain, “Foiler”, who was registered with the Kennel Club around 1875. Since long before that time, the 1700s, Fox Terriers have kept the estates and farms of England free of foxes who preyed on livestock.

The smaller of the Fox Terriers were further bred until their size was one-third of the original breed. These terriers developed into courageous, scrappy, little dogs who didn’t hesitate to follow a fox right down into its den.

The Toy Fox Terrier stands 8.5 to 11.5 inches (22 to 29 cm) tall at the shoulder. He has naturally erect ears, and his short, sleek coat is tri-colour, white and black, white and tan, or white, chocolate and tan.

His small size and lack of heavy protective fur make him sensitive to temperature extremes, particularly the cold. An easy-care and long-lived dog (approximately fifteen years) whose grooming needs are minimal, this small terrier today is a beloved companion and good watchdog.

Photos displayed courtesy of Cynthia Roeder, Roeder’s Kennel Reg’d, Alberta

The Toy Fox Terrier has all the personality of the original Fox Terrier wrapped up in a pint-sized package. Comical and playful, these terriers have been used in ‘dog and pony’ shows and performed tricks for the circus. The Toy Fox Terrier has the lively, outgoing, and spunky terrier nature.

Like the other terriers, he has a “big dog personality in a small dog body”. He knows no fear and will not back down even when confronted by much larger dogs.

Devoted and loving, the Toy Fox Terrier tends to be a one-person or one-family dog. A definite house dog, he loves to be with his people and does not like living in a kennel. Like many smaller dogs, he is too fragile for the rough housing of very young children.

A truly easy-care dog, the Toy Fox Terrier can get just about all the exercise he needs by running around the house. He learns new tasks
quickly, is eager to please, and adapts to almost any situation. This makes him the perfect companion for those living in apartments or other accommodation not typically dog-friendly.

Intelligent, and easily trained and housebroken, he will benefit from early obedience training and socialization. The Toy Fox Terrier is not a barker.


Toy Fox Terrier Adult Canada

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