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The 1989 movie “Turner and Hooch” starred Tom Hanks and a Dogue de Bordeaux, Beasley the Dog, in the title role of Hooch.

Dogue de Bordeaux

That one true heart was left behind!
What feeling do we ever find
To equal among human kind
A dog’s fidelity!

– Thomas Hardy

Dogue de Bordeaux puppy Canada

CFC Ch Redlegends Tars Tarkas, CTD

Another of the rare breeds, the Dogue de Bordeaux is one of the oldest French Breeds. He is also known as the French Mastiff. There are many theories as to his origins and and probable ancestors. He may be descended from one of the Mastiff-type dogs that accompanied Macedonian and Roman armies through Asia, Europe and Britain. However, Dogue skeletons dating to prehistoric times have been unearthed in France.

The Dogue de Bordeaux was bred as a guardian for protecting homes, butcher shops and vineyards, as well as a pack hunting dog that baited bulls and pursued boars, bears and jaguars. The Dogue was valued most as a protector of the home and many of the French nobilty kept a Dogue for this purpose.

Most North Americans got their first look at a Dogue de Bordeaux when Tom Hanks starred in the hit movie “Turner and Hooch”.  

Photos displayed courtesy of Marcia Murray-Stoof, Regal Rouge Bordeaux, Ontario

The Dogue is a very powerful and muscular dog, stocky, athletic, and imposing. He stands up to 26 3/4 inches (68 cm) tall at the shoulder and weighs at least 110 pounds (50 kg) or more. His short smooth coat requires minimal grooming and comes in all shades of fawn to mahogany. He may have a black or brown mask or no mask.

As you might expect from a dog bred for bull-baiting and bear hunting, he is a naturally dominant and aggressive dog. The Dogue may not be the best choice for the inexperienced or first-time dog owner. As well as being an excellent guard dog, he will bond to his family and is very patient with children. He is affectionate, calm, and balanced. An intelligent dog, the Dogue is a fast learner and does well with obedience training.

A dog of this size and temperament should be socialized from an early age. This dog will live inside or outside. However, the closer he is to his people, the happier he will be.

Dogue de Bordeaux Adult Canada

CFC Ch Redlegends Tars Tarkas, CTD

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