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“Muggins” with General Sir Arthur Currie


Each year on November 11th, we take a moment to remember the brave men and women of our armed forces who served during the wars and the more than 117,000 who gave their lives to preserve the freedom we take for granted today.

Perhaps the last unsung heroes of these conflicts are the dogs.

True to his nature as “man’s best friend”, our dogs have stood beside us during these awful times and served with bravery and distinction. Loyal and courageous dogs carried messages across enemy lines, served as munitions carriers, rescued the wounded, and acted as Red Cross dogs. Many lost their lives and some breeds faced virtual extinction after World Wars I and II.

This website is dedicated to one such dog, Muggins, and the countless other dogs just like him.


PoppyMuggins’ Story:

Muggins, a small, white spitz, may have been small in stature but he was big in heart. He worked out of the Red Cross Centre in Victoria, BC during World War I. An endearing little creature, undoubtedly he brought a smile to many a face at the Centre. But his job was much more practical than that of a much-needed morale booster. Muggins carried across his back two wooden boxes marked with the symbol of the Red Cross. Each box had a slot in the top for donations. Alone, no leash, no handler, just a determined little “soldier” doing his part, Muggins was a familiar sight in downtown Victoria. He travelled a very specific route collecting money for the Red Cross from passersby. When the boxes became too heavy he returned to the Centre and they were emptied. Then off he went again, a tireless contributor to the war effort.

Please take a moment to remember Muggins and the other canine heroes who were, as always, ever willing to lay down their lives for their people.

Dog at the trenches
Dog delivers bandages
Dog delivers message