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Clumber Spaniel

The dog is the most faithful of animals and would be much esteemed were it not so common. Our Lord God has made His greatest gifts the commonest. – Martin Luther

Clumber Spaniel puppy Canada

Ch Hibernia’s Snapdragon

Created by the Duc de Noailles and moved to the Duke of Newcastle’s Clumber Park Estate in Sherwood Forest for sanctuary during the French Revolution, the Clumber Spaniel is believed to have come from a Basset Hound/Spaniel cross. After the Duc de Noailles’ death in the French Revolution, the Duke of Newcastle continued to breed the dogs and they became known by the name of his English estate.

Sometimes known as the “Gentleman’s Gun Dog”, he is the largest of all spaniels, and a very good hunter and gun dog. The Clumber is prized for his ability to work well in dense undergrowth.

Photos displayed courtesy of Pat Hall, Hibernia Reg’d, Alberta

The Clumber Spaniel is the heaviest and slowest of the spaniels. Standing just 20 inches (50.8 cm) tall, the Clumber can weigh up to 85 pounds (38.6 kg). A stocky dog, the Clumber has a massive head, a straight, silky coat, and feathering on legs, stomach, and tail. The coat is white with lemon or orange markings, and sheds year-round.

Clumber Spaniels may look heavy and stubby, but they are surprisingly resourceful and inventive. They are adept at getting what they want – even when it’s hard to get at! Friendly, affectionate, loyal, intelligent, but sometimes reserved, they make ideal companions for an active elderly person or a family with children.

As a sedate breed, the Clumber requires a healthy amount of exercise to fight a tendency towards obesity caused by his love of curling up on the couch, eating, and sleeping. Training may require extra patience and repetition.

Clumber Spaniel Adult Canada

Cdn/Am Ch Cameo Wordsworth of Cashmere

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