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2018 was the Chinese Year of the Dog. People born in this year are honest, faithful, and sincere, and are intelligent, caring, and good listeners. They enjoy helping people, and have a profound sense of duty.


A dog will look at you as if to say, “What do you want me to do for you? I’ll do anything for you.” – Roy Blount Jr.

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“Listerbull Bulldog puppies”

Considered a symbol of England itself, the Bulldog was originally bred for the now-illegal sports of bull-baiting and pit-fighting. He is sometimes referred to as the English or British Bulldog.

Courageous and tenacious, he has been used to fight bulls, bears, badgers, and other dogs. His thick-set, low-slung body was developed to minimize his chances of injury when taking on a bull.

The breed is of ancient stock. It is believed he was brought to England by Phoenician traders in the 6th century BC. 

Photos displayed courtesy of Colleen Lister, Listerbulls, British Columbia

The Bulldog is compact and powerful; adult males weigh in at about 50 pounds (23 kg) while adult females weigh about 40 pounds (18 kg). His coat is short, smooth and sleek, and comes in brindle (preferably red brindle), solid colours of white, red, fawn, or fallow, or piebald. In brindles and solid colours a small white patch may be present on the chest. The head and face is heavily wrinkled and the skin should soft and loose.

If you can’t live with snuffling, snorting, snoring, and even the gassier facts of life, this isn’t the dog for you. This breed’s famously pushed-in face makes him prone to the nasal noises! And those wrinkles have to be kept clean and should be checked daily to make sure nothing is hiding in the folds.

The small nasal cavity in the Bulldog means this breed has more than usual difficulty keeping cool. He is susceptible to extremes of temperature and should be protected from excessive heat and cold.

The Bulldog’s lifespan averages 8 to 10 years.

Bulldog Adult Canada

Ch Jeansonbull’s Isabella Lister CGN

Bulldog Canada

Listerbulls Desert Jewels

The Bulldog’s association with the British wartime prime minister Winston Churchill goes back to World War II and Churchill’s courage, determination, and refusal to back down in the face of Hitler’s Nazi Germany. As you might expect, their temperament reflects Churchill’s attitude. They are resolute and courageous but never vicious or aggressive. The very picture of dignity, these dogs are placid, docile, even-tempered animals with a well-know stubborn streak. Consider that when training; they may not be the best dogs for obedience trials!

Lovable, undemanding, good-natured companions, these dogs love their families and are excellent with children, other dogs and pets.

Today’s Bulldog has a low activity level and is ideally suited to the elderly or “couch potato” families. However, his owner should keep an eye on his waistline, too. A carefully balanced diet and some form of daily exercise will prevent a tendency to obesity.

Keep in mind the breed’s body is not designed for swimming and most of these dogs can’t swim. So keep an eye out around pools and other bodies of water. Invest in a pet life jacket if you are planning on summers by the lake or boating.

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