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The Boston Terrier was declared the state dog of Massachusetts in 1070.


Boston Terrier

“Lay down, pup; lay down,” ordered the man.
“Good doggie-lay down, I say.”
“You’ll have to say, ‘Lie Down,’ mister,” declared a bystander.
“That’s a Boston Terrier.”
– Canine Erudition

Boston Terrier puppy Canada


The Boston Terrier is an all-American dog, and was once the most popular breed in the United States. Originally developed in the U.S. by crossing the Bulldog and the Bull Terrier, Bostons were used for the now-illegal sport of pit-fighting. The foundation of the breed originated around 1870, when Boston man Robert C. Hooper purchased a dog named Judge who was a Bull and Terrier type. The offspring of this dog  interbred with French Bulldogs, providing the basis for the Boston Terrier. The Boston Terrier originally weighed up to 44 pounds (20 kg) and was known as the Olde Boston Bulldogge.

Now bred as companions and watch dogs, today’s Boston is a popular family pet whose temperament has earned him the nickname “the American Gentleman”.

A compact and well-muscled dog, the Boston stands up to 16 inches at the shoulder. The dog is divided into three classes by weight: lightweight, (under 15 lbs (7 kg), middleweight, 15 lbs to less than 20 lbs, (7-9 kg), and heavyweight, 20 to 25 lbs (9-11 kg).

Photos displayed courtesy of Natina Gidluck, Kiss More Bostons, Saskatchewan

His coat is short, smooth and sleek, and comes in Black: black with white markings, Seal: black with Reddish Brown cast over it that is only seen in bright light with white markings, Black Brindle: black with brown hairs distributed through the black with white markings, and Brindle: black with brown hairs distributed through the brown with white markings.

Boston Terriers are odor-free and rarely shed, making them desirable companions for people with allergies and neat freaks!

An affectionate dog, easy to care for, with a lively, intelligent nature, Bostons are wonderful family pets. They are good with children and other pets, and enjoy playing. The dog’s size makes him easily adaptable to almost any accommodation.

They respond well to training, but can be determined and self-willed. Their owners should be prepared to spend time with them. Boston Terriers should be regularly exercised to keep in shape, and kept in a fenced-in yard.

They make excellent watch dogs who will let you know when strangers approach!

Boston Terrier Adult Canada

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