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The 1956 movie, “A Day of Grace” starred the first-ever registered Bearded Collie. The dog was named “Jeannie of Bothkenner”. All modern “Beardies” are descended from this dog.

Bearded Collie

You think dogs will not be in heaven? I tell you, they will be there long before any of us. – Robert Louis Stevenson

Bearded Collie puppy Canada

Ch Rhosown’s Oh Sum Opal

One of the oldest British breeds, it is believed that the Bearded Collie was developed when Polish Lowland Sheepdogs were brought to Scotland in the 1400s and crossed with local farm collies.

The Bearded Collie was once known as the Highland Collie or Hairy Mouthed Collie and now takes his name from the long beard that grows under his chin.

The Beardie herded sheep by finding and gathering together the half-wild highland sheep that grazed freely over the hills and ravines. He had to find and identify his own sheep without any help from the shepherd.

Photos displayed courtesy of Rhonda Mousseau, Rhosown, Alberta

The Bearded Collie is a medium-sized dog, standing up to 22 inches (56 cm) at the shoulder. He has a flat, shaggy, weather-resistant double coat that comes in all shades of black, brown, blue, grey, or fawn, with or without white markings. His coat requires regular grooming. The ‘beard’ starts under the chin and increases in length towards the chest.

An energetic, strong, steady, and self-confident temperament combined with a sweet and lovable expression make the Beardie an excellent addition to the family. However, he does have a long puppyhood so you may not see any signs of adult maturity until after the age of two. He shows no signs of shyness or aggression. His natural instincts of guarding the flock will translate to guarding his family. The Beardie is devoted to his family and must live as a member of the family. He will not be happy as a kennel dog, confined in a basement, or tied up in a backyard.

A real working dog, bred to herd, the Beardie is a lean, strongly-built dog requiring daily outdoor exercise. Highly intelligent and resourceful, the Beardie truly has an ‘inquiring mind’, and needs owners who will keep him busy and active. They must be prepared to groom, train, exercise, and socialize him.

Bearded Collie Adult Canada

Ch Rhosown’s Oh Sum Opal

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