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The Basset Hound who starred in the famous Hush Puppies shoe commercials was named “Biggles”.

Basset Hound

Dogs never talk about themselves but listen to you while you talk about yourself, and keep up an appearance of being interested in the conversation. – Jerome K. Jerome

Basset Hound Canada

Bonjovie’s Norman

The Basset Hound comes from France. The word ‘Basset’ means ‘low-set’. It is believed he is descended from the St. Hubert hound which is now extinct. He was originally bred to work in packs hunting small game such as rabbit, pheasant, hare, and even deer.

The Basset Hound is a scent hound. He uses his nose to trail his quarry. His long ears stir up the scent for his nose to smell, and the wrinkles on his head and folds of skin under his chin trap the scent so his nose can do its job! The Basset’s slower pace allows the hunter to follow on foot.

The Basset Hound is a solid dog. Although he may stand no more than 15 inches (38.1 cm) tall, at maturity he may weigh up to 75 pounds (34 kg). He has a short, sleek coat that tends to repel dirt and water. It may be black, tan, white, or any combination of these colours. His ears need regular cleaning and attention to avoid infection. The Basset Hound is not a swimmer. With his long body, heavy front, and short legs, if he can swim at all, it’s only for very short distances. Pool areas should be fenced, and the Basset Hound should never be left unattended in a swimming pool area.

Photos displayed courtesy of Joanna Greenhalgh and Bonnie Wilson, Bonjovie, Alberta

The mild-mannered Basset Hound is a great family dog. Equally devoted to all members of the family, he is affectionate, gentle, loyal, and intelligent. The Basset is very tolerant and plays well with children. Because he was bred to work in packs, he also gets along well with other household pets. Although he can give a good imitation of a couch potato, the Basset is fairly active when outdoors, and is capable of covering great distances in a surprisingly short period of time.

The Basset Hound has a stubborn streak, and will benefit from early training and socialization. With training, he will learn to sound a warning bark when strangers approach. However, he is not by nature a watch dog. As a scent hound, the Basset will follow his nose wherever it will lead him, and should be kept in a fenced-in yard. He should have daily exercise to combat a tendency to obesity.

Be aware that this is a dog that drools a fair bit, especially after drinking. Keep a drool rag handy and learn to live with it……or don’t get a Basset Hound! This is the number one reason Bassets are given up by their owners.

Basset Hound Adult Canada

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Basset Hound Rescue
Phyllis Stapells
Tottenham, ON L0G 1W0
(905) 936-6156

Basset Hound Rescue – Bedford, NS
Carolyn Mitchell
(902) 832-6250
(902) 452-0242 (cell)

Basset Hound Rescue of Ontario