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In 2003, Dr. Roger Mugford invented the “wagometer,” a device that claims to interpret a dog’s exact mood by measuring the wag of his tail.

Vizsla (wire-haired)

Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one is a life diminished. – Dean Koontz

Vizsla (wire-haired) puppy Canada

Zsalya’s pups

As early as the 13th century, records exist documenting the use of the Vizsla as a hunting dog by the Magyar tribes in Hungary. Sometimes called the Hungarian Pointer, this dog is a retriever and pointer and was once the companion of choice for the early Hungarian warlords, barons, and kings.

The Wire-haired Vizsla was created by crossing the German Wire-haired Pointer with the smooth Vizsla. The aim was to produce a dog with a heavier coat and more solid build that would be better protected when retrieving in very cold water. This dog is an excellent swimmer.

The Wire-haired Vizsla excels as an upland bird dog and is sometimes known as the “Yellow Pointer” in Hungary.

Photos displayed courtesy of Cheri Crawford-Testen, Dream Vizslas, Ontario

Although bred to be an all purpose hunting dog, the wire-haired Vizsla is particularly prized as a pointer capable of working in all weathers. This is a medium-sized and well muscled dog weighing up to 66 lbs (30 kg). He stands up to 25 inches (64 cm) at the shoulder and has a tough, wiry, dark sandy-yellow coat. His coat is coarse and he possesses bushy eyebrows and a beard. The tail has a short fringe along the bottom.

Affectionate, gentle, and sensitive, the Vizsla is a wonderful family dog. He bonds strongly with his owners and is a fun-loving and lively companion. The Vizsla does not do well as a kennel dog and will not be happy if kept out of the family circle. Loyal and caring, he nevertheless is fearless and very protective. They are quiet dogs, only barking if necessary or if they are provoked.

Vizsla (wire-haired) Adult Canada

Furedi Vadasz Betyar

Vizsla (wire-haired) Adult Canada

Zoldmali Zsalya

Training and socialization are necessary for all dogs to learn good manners. The wire-haired Vizsla does not disappoint in this area. He is highly intelligent, obedient, and very trainable.

The Vizsla is extremely versatile. He excels in the field, obedience, and the conformation ring. He’s got the nose for tracking and the speed and reflexes for flyball and agility competition. The Vizsla has been used in pet therapy and as a guide dog for the blind.

This is an active hunter who requires daily exercise. He shares his love of swimming with the other retrievers and will happily swim in a pool if one is available. He should have access to a safe, enclosed area where he can get a good run.

A Vizsla that is not physically and mentally challenged, can become hyperactive or indulge in destructive behaviours. Do not let him become bored!

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