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Dogs are believed to have descended from a prehistoric animal not unlike a wolf called Tomarctus (“father of dogs”). Tomarctus roamed the Earth about 15,000,000 years ago.

Tenterfield Terrier

There’s just something about dogs that makes you feel good. You come home, they’re thrilled to see you. They’re good for the ego. – Janet Schnellman

Tenterfield Terrier puppy Canada

Sirius Boroke

The Tenterfield Terrier is descended from English terriers developed to go to ground after vermin. These dogs are small enough to chase their quarry from their dens and then leap into the saddlebags of the hunters to continue the pursuit on horseback.

Terriers are the vermin catchers of the dog world, and Tenterfield Terriers were brought to Australia with the first European settlers. The smallest of the original English fox terriers were picked as the most likely to survive the long journey aboard ship.

Once known as Miniature Fox Terriers or “Mini Foxies”, they became working dogs used for ratting and hunting fox and rabbit. They flourished until they could be found on nearly every farm.

Photos displayed courtesy of Kate Baumber, Sirius Kennels, Alberta

The Tenterfield Terrier stands 11 inches (28 cm) tall at the shoulder. He has a smooth coat that is mostly white with black, liver and/or tan markings. His tail is docked or naturally bobtailed. Grooming requirements are minimal.

As a true terrier, the Tenterfield Terrier is bold, agile, alert, and lively. Possessing a ‘big dog personality in the body of a small dog’, the Tenterfield is not the dog to back down, even when faced by other larger breeds.

A loyal and affectionate dog with the family, he makes a good companion for children, the elderly, and even with cats with early obedience training and socialization! The Tenterfield gets along well with other dogs and is often seen with larger canine companions.

It should be emphasized that the Tenterfield Terrier is used to working and is fearless while on the hunt. He has a high energy level. He requires daily outdoor exercise. He is very intelligent and will invent his own entertainment if bored.

Tenterfield Terrier Adult Canada

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