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Disney’s popular animated film “Lady and the Tramp” (1955) features a Scottie named Jock who was a retired captain who wears a Scottish tartan overcoat. When the movie was originally released, Jock became one of the most popular dog names in the country.

Scottish Terrier

It is true that whenever a person loves a dog he derives great power from it. – Old Seneca Tribal Chief

Scottish Terrier puppy Canada

Langholm Scottie puppy

Scottish Terriers are the most well-known and possibly the oldest of the terriers hailing from the Highlands of Scotland. Ancestors of the Scottie were discovered by the Romans when they invaded Britain in 55 BC. The word “terrier” derives from the Latin “terrarii” from the word for “earth”. They were so named because they would follow their quarry into their burrows.

Once known as the Aberdeen Terrier, the Scottie was originally bred to control vermin such as weasel, otter, badger, rat, wildcat, and fox.

Compact, tough, and strong, the Scottish Terrier stands just 10 inches (25.4 cm) tall at the shoulder and has a hard wiry coat over a dense, soft undercoat. He may be black, brindle, grey, or wheaten. Specialized grooming is required to keep the Scottie’s characteristic square shape.

Photos displayed courtesy of Cheryl Lang and Sharon Lang, Langholm, Saskatchewan

A loyal, affectionate and playful pet, the Scottie has the terrier spunkiness. However, he is more reserved than most terriers. He generally bonds with one or two people and is very particular about the company he keeps! He does best with school-aged children who will respect his small size. The Scottie is an effective watch dog who will always sound the alert!

The Scottie was bred to work independently of human direction, and so he has a mind of his own! He requires early and firm training to ensure that he does not dominate the household. He can be stubborn and does best with a training program founded on mutual respect. If he is socialized at an early age, he will tolerate other pets. While his small size suits him to almost any living arrangements, the Scottie is an active, alert working dog who enjoys daily exercise. Without physical and mental stimulation, he can become destructive.

Scottish Terrier Adult Canada

Langholm Scotties

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