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The Komondor’s naturally corded or dreadlocked white coat gives it the heaviest amount of fur of any dog.


If more of us were like dogs, we’d be better off. – Jay Dickey

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The Komondor is the largest of the Hungarian dog breeds. Known there as the “King of the Working Dogs”, he has a commanding and unique presence. His ancestors go back to the 10th Century when they came from Asia to Hungary with the Magyars.

An effective livestock guardian, the Komondor lived outdoors watching over his flock and would fight wolves, bears, and other predators to the death to keep his charges safe. He is best suited to outdoor living in a rural or country environment. He needs long daily walks.

He has also been used as a herder, a police dog, and to guard military installations during the war.

Photos displayed courtesy of David Murdoch, Keam Farm, British Columbia

The Komondor stands up to 31.5 inches (80 cm) tall at the shoulder. He is perhaps one of the most unusual looking dogs in the world. When fully mature, he sports a long, straight, white coat that forms natural cords. Cleaning and grooming can be a chore. His cords need to be separated by hand to keep them from tangling. After a bath, this dog can take up to three days to dry!

Possessing a dignified attitude that seems at odds with his “dust mop” appearance, his size and demeanor command instant respect. His distinctive coat has a purpose – it protects him from the weather and the biting jaws of wild predators! Naturally protective, he makes an excellent watch dog and guardian. However, he’s an independent thinker used to being on his own, assessing a situation, and taking action without human guidance. He can be bossy, and may not be the best choice for every family.

Large, territorial, and fiercely protective of his flock (which will be his family if he has no other animals to guard), he needs early socialization and training to learn what is acceptable behavior. He is very smart and learns quickly. He is devoted to his family and will want to keep an eye on them so you may find yourself being followed from room to room by your new best friend.

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