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Four Irish Setters have lived in the White House:
Jack and Jill (FDR)
King Timahoe (Richard Nixon)
Mike (Harry Truman).

Irish Setter

Of all creatures, big and small, my tail-wagging friend is best of all! – Anonymous

Irish Setter puppy Canada


The Irish Setter is a bird dog and was bred to find, point, and retrieve game birds for the hunter. While the development of the breed is a mystery, this dog is generally believed to have spaniels, pointers, and even bloodhounds in his family tree.

Originally a red and white dog, gradually a deep solid mahogany-coloured dog was developed into the Irish Setter you see today.

Known for his flashy good looks, expressive face, and exuberant, boisterous personality, he has long been a favourite as a show dog and in the field. The adult dog stands 27 inches (69 cm) tall. He has long hair or feathers on his chest, body, legs, and tail, and requires regular brushing. This elegant breed is considered by artists to be the most beautiful of dogs.

Photos displayed courtesy of Vanessa Day
Bred by Mike and Connie O’Brien, Silverstone, Ontario

The Irish Setter is a spirited animal with enthusiasm to spare who requires a gentle but firm hand. Although Irish Setters look aristocratic in the show ring, they take two to three years to mature and are affectionate and playful pets. They are carefree, loyal, and loving dogs who thrive on human companionship and attention. This is not a dog to be left alone for long periods. Because they love people so much, Irish Setters are not appropriate guard dogs!

Since an Irish Setter prefers to have fun rather than work, begin training right away! He is very intelligent but can be stubborn. Blind obedience has never been the setter style. He does best with a consistent and loving approach to training as he is a sensitive dog. This dog requires an outlet for his boundless energy! Plenty of good romping room and long runs will ensure that he remains healthy, well-balanced, and manageable.

Irish Setter Adult Canada

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