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Irish Red and White Setter

The average dog has one request to all humankind. Love me. – Helen Exley

Irish Red and White Setter puppy Canada

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Many believe that the Irish Red and White setter is the original Irish Setter, originally bred as a “setting” dog for netting birds. Its quarry included the partridge or grouse, pheasant, ptarmigan, blackgame, snipe or woodcock as all these birds try to avoid predators by hiding rather than flying away.

Both the solid red and the red and white setters existed for many years. However, the introduction of dog shows in the 19th century brought the solid red dogs into the forefront, and Red and Whites were reduced to a few kept by sporting enthusiasts as personal hunting dogs.

Fortunately, the breed never completely disappeared; it has made a significant comeback since the 1980s.

Photos displayed courtesy of Alice Guthrie, Crossfire, Ontario

The Irish Red and White Setter is a powerful, hardy dog of medium size, standing up to 26 inches (66 cm) at the shoulder.  His coat is pearly white, straight and flat, with large patches of red. The silky fine hair requires less grooming than you might expect as there is much less coat than the solid red Irish Setter.

Exuberant outdoors, the Red and White makes a fine family pet indoors. He is an active, high spirited dog who loves people and gets along well with other dogs. He returns affection for all family members (adults and children) rather than for an individual, but if put to work at hunting, he shows himself to be an attentive personal hunting dog.

Like other setters, the exuberant puppy will become a more sedate older dog, but childhood will last two to three years. The Red and White is not a dog which will take well to being kept from people.

Irish Red and White Setter Canada

Crossfire Catch The Thrill FDJ

Irish Red and White Setter Canada

CKC/AKC Ch. Crossfire Plymouth Conquest

Like all setters, the Red and Whites are extremely intelligent and determined, and respond to positive, sensitive, motivational training methods. Harsh methods must NOT be used on a setter! They have to have plenty to occupy and stimulate them. Remember they have the stamina to spend all day in the field scenting out their quarry. They thrive best in active families, where they have outlets for their high energy.

This is an athletic dog who needs daily exercise (about an hour) and a fenced yard for his own safety. They need space to be able to have a good run to stretch their legs. These setters do well in a variety of dog sports such as agility, flyball, and rally.

Red and Whites do not usually bark at every noise they may hear; like most setters, they will bark to herald the arrival of company and excitedly greet guests. After the initial excitement they will be gentle and calm.

Early socialization and puppy classes will produce a happy, well-adjusted dog.

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