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The German Shepherd Rin Tin Tin was considered one of the most famous stars in Hollywood. At the peak of his movie career, he received over 10,000 fan letters a week.
He even signed his contracts with a pawprint!

German Shepherd Dog

Those who would say a dog has no soul, have never looked into the eyes of a German Shepherd. – Unknown

German Shepherd puppy CanaDogs

Copper Cliff German Shepherd pup

The German Shepherd’s family tree goes back to the 7th century A.D. He was developed in Germany by crossing the best of the German farm dogs to be a superb herding dog.

Relatively new to North America, the German Shepherd first appeared in a dog show in America in 1907 but it would take a war to really focus people’s attention on the dog.

American servicemen returning from the battlefields of Europe at the end of World War I brought with them tales of the intelligence and valor of the German Army’s war dog. Some of the soldiers brought the dogs home with them, and they soon caught the interest of the general public.

German Shepherds had been used extensively as mine detectors, sentinels, guards, and messengers during the war.

Photos displayed courtesy of Fay Brugger, Copper Cliff Reg’d, Ontario

Standing 25 inches (64 cm) at the shoulder and weighing between 75 and 85 pounds (34-39 kg), the German Shepherd has a short, dense, weather resistant, water-repellent double coat that may be solid black, black and tan, or any shade of sable. Although grooming needs are minimal, the German Shepherd’s coat should be brushed regularly.

After the classic Hollywood story of Rin Tin Tin hit the movie theatres, the breed’s popularity soared. A superb watch dog and fearless guardian for those he considers his own, he is naturally wary of strangers while remaining loyal and devoted to his family, especially children. Because he bonds so closely with his family, the German Shepherd is not happy if left alone for long periods.

German Shepherd CanaDogs


German Shepherds CanaDogs

Coppercliff’s Just Watch Me, “Higgins” and
Coppercliff’s Little Country Bear, “Bear”

The German Shepherd is strong, agile, and muscular. 

Renowned for his versatility, today’s German Shepherd is prized for herding, schutzhund, ring sports, sentry and guardian work, tracking, police work, drug and bomb detection, guiding the blind, and search and rescue.

As he is highly intelligent and responsive, the German Shepherd learns quickly and has a high level of problem solving ability. He should begin obedience training early.

This dog is direct and fearless, with a strong degree of self-confidence. He maintains an aloof manner while standing his ground and being willing to meet the overtures of others. This is not the dog who will fling himself tail wagging fiercely at every expression of friendship!

Quiet, poised, and composed, the German Shepherd is at all times eager and alert, fit and willing to assume a variety of roles, including companion, watch dog, service dog for the blind, canine partner to law enforcement, leader, herding dog and guardian.

His owner must be strong and confident as this is a territorial and protective dog. Socialization to other pets should occur when he is a puppy.

The German Shepherd is highly active both indoors and outdoors and has great stamina. Like his farm dog ancestors he is energetic, vigorous, and capable of trotting all day long. He requires a fenced yard and lots of exercise including a daily walk.

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