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The Cesky Terrier is sometimes called the Bohemian Terrier.

Cesky Terrier

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A relatively new breed of dog, the Cesky (pronounced chess-key) Terrier was created in the mid-twentieth century in Czechoslovakia. He was originally called the Bohemian Terrier.

Geneticist Frantisek Horak crossed the Scottish Terrier with the Sealyham Terrier to produce a small, short-legged hunting terrier. Bred to go to ground hunting fox, badger, and other vermin, the Cesky Terrier can follow its quarry into burrows that are too small for other terriers.

Today’s Cesky Terrier still enjoys doing the work he was bred for and can be often found competing at terrier den trials. He also makes a wonderful house pet who enjoys the company of children.

Photos displayed courtesy of Wendy Craig, Zlata Praha Reg’d, Ontario

The Cesky Terrier stands up to 12 1/2 inches (32 cm) tall at the shoulder. He weighs in between 13.2 and 22.5 pounds (6 to 10 kg). He has a soft, silky coat that comes in two colours: grey-blue (puppies are born black) and light-coffee-brown (puppies are born chocolate brown). Puppies gradually lighten to their adult colour in a process that can last as long as three years. Ceskies do not shed but require regular grooming to keep their coats free of mats.

The Cesky Terrier is not as aggressive or independent as other terriers. His personality is calm, attentive, and good-natured. He makes an affectionate and devoted family pet who enjoys the company of other people, especially children. Since he was originally a pack hunter, he gets along better with other dogs than most terriers. The Cesky also tolerates other household pets well. The Cesky has a pleasant, playful, and cheerful temperament. He is also alert and a little wary of strangers which makes him an excellent watchdog.

Sensitive, responsive, and more eager to please than most terriers, the Cesky is easy to train. His small size also makes him a good choice for almost any accommodation. He should have regular exercise as his love of food may cause him to gain weight.

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