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According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the oldest reliably recorded age for a dog is an Australian Cattle Dog who lived 29 years, five months.
His name was “Bluey”.

Australian Cattle Dog

Heaven goes by favour. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in. – Mark Twain

Australian Cattle Dog puppy Canada

Priestcreek’s Agassiz Abound

Developed in the 1800s by Australian stockmen to muster and move livestock in wide open and confined areas over all sorts of terrain, the Australian Cattle Dog has been known as the Australian Heeler and the Blue Heeler. The name heeler comes from the style of herding. The Aussie Cattle Dog will nip at the heels of animals to move them forward.

This dog was originally bred to drive cattle over great distances in the tough environment of Australia. Although his exact ancestry is unknown, he is believed to have been created through cross breeding a Blue Merle Collie and a wild Australian Dingo.

The Australian Cattle Dog is a sturdy, strong dog with great stamina and endurance. He is a born worker with the agility, strength, and willingness to carry out any task. Companion or non-working dogs will do well in a variety of dog sports, to channel his energy and focus his mind.

Photos displayed courtesy of Lorraine Norris, Agassiz Reg’d, Ontario

Muscular and powerful, this dog stands up to 20 inches (51 cm) tall at the shoulder. His water-resistant double coat is short, smooth, and dense. It comes in either brown or black hair distributed through a white coat which gives the appearance of either a blue or red colour. The blue or blue mottled colour may have markings of black, blue, or tan. The red is evenly speckled and may darker red markings.

He is easily groomed and fairly low maintenance requiring only some brushing during shedding season (once or twice a year). 

Although the Australian Cattle Dog can be aloof with strangers, he is absolutely devoted to his owner. He is loyal, dependable, alert, and extremely protective. As such, he makes an alert watchdog and watchful guardian of his master, his family, his property, and his herd. He is courageous, bold, and determined.

This is a self-confident dog who is very capable of independent thought and action. However, he was bred to work along side his master and wants and needs his master’s attention.

Australian Cattle Dog adult

Agassiz’s Marvellous Molly

Australian Cattle Dog Adults Canada

Blue: Can BIS/RBIS AOM GChEx, Am GCh Agassiz’s Whiskey on the Rocks, CGN, RIT, HIC, VS
Red: Priestcreek’s Agassiz Fired Up

With a reputation for remarkable intelligence, the Aussie is a headstrong dog who requires a strong, capable owner and early obedience training. It should be remembered that the Australian Cattle Dog is a herder. His instinct is to round up anything that moves – other pets, children, bicycles, even cars! To accomplish this, he will naturally bite or nip at the ankles. This herding behaviour can be dealt with through training. It is essential that this dog not become bored. He needs a job and he will create one (which you may not like!) if you don’t give him lots of time and activities as a substitute.

The Australian Cattle Dog is an athletic dog who has the stamina to do his job however long it takes. However, he has the agility to make quick and sudden movements and the power for short bursts of speed. An ideal farm dog, he is happiest in a rural or semi-rural environment where he has lots of outdoor activities to channel his drive for work. He is very active so daily exercise is mandatory, as is a fenced yard.

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